Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Victorious One - The Chariot

The ongoing series this month has been to pull a card a week from the Tarot deck and reveal a truth to those people for whom it is relevant. Not everyone will respond to this card. You won’t and shouldn’t unless it makes sense in your life at this time.

Today’s card is The Victorious One, the New Age card replacing the The Chariot (from the Rider-Waite deck).

Have you recently made an important decision? This card is a confirmation that you have made the right choice and now must keep firm to your new direction.

The dice have been rolled (lower left hand), indicating that time and luck have created the situation and your response has been a spiritual one—the victory over self.

There are many struggles in life but the battle with self is won on this issue. Leave behind the battle accoutrements (see the chariot and whip in the background on the right). The old struggle continues behind the veil where the wolves are still fighting on the left. Do not be tempted to re-engage but stay firm in the new direction. You know what the more important choice is and you have already made it. Now walk away.

You have reached a plateau, a time of balance. Find your equilibrium and walk forward toward the new direction.

The lions are in accord. The black lion is still in battle mode and struggling within as the while lion walks closed mouthed and docile. You hold the reins to restrain the tendency to keep up the fight.

The only way I know this is of any value is if you comment. Thank you and good luck in your new endeavor.


Tami Clayton said...

This seems relevant for me in where I'm at in my life right now. Lots of decisions to make, some big, some small. All important to the overall big picture. Thanks for sharing this.

Liv Rancourt said...

The Tarot plays a part in my current WIP, and there's a scene where the MC makes a decision to deliberately defy her father. As she's going off to do what she's going to do, she turns the top card from her Tarot deck - sort of a one-card reading - and it's The Chariot. I'm using the Golden Tarot, where the interpretation is more about leadership and change, but your take fits really well with what I'm trying to do with the scene. Thanks for posting.

Cora said...

So glad you are finding it useful, Tami, and thanks for commenting. Stay strong.

Cora said...

How interesting to use the cards like that for your story. That's a great idea.