Saturday, August 24, 2013

Who is that Rock?

Joining other writers who are posting 8 lines from their work in process, this is an excerpt from my  novel,  Dance the Dream Awake. You can find other writers participating and their work by clicking on Weekend Writing Warriors.


After breakfast, I took out the sketches I’d made and worked on creating a painting while the hours slipped away. Isabella came early to tidy up and worked quietly, careful not to disturb me.

When I finally took a break in the early afternoon, she came and stood behind me. “May I see, SeƱora?”

“Please, call me Tessa.

“Is very nice. Who is una viejecita?”

“What old woman?” I asked as I squinted at my painting of rocks at the seashore.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors: Dance the Dream Awake

Weekend Writing Warriors 

Joining other writers today for posting 8 sentences from my new novel, Dance The Dream Awake. Be sure to check out the other writers at the link above.


Eduardo took a bite of grilled salmon, savoring it a few moments while staring into the flame of one of the candles before continuing, "Visions, so unbelieveable." He stopped for a swallow of wine, pausing to reflect.

The first time I'd had the nightmare, I'd been unable to explain the things I knew about that ancient time and place, and the fleeting feelings threading through it all. I couldn't get across how deep it really went, that it didn't feel like just a nightmare.

He continued, "Most civilized men will look at you strangely, 'bunk, superstitious belief,' they say, but I say, don't judge until you also have experienced what el indio experiences, and that is all I can say." 

"You mean," I interrupted, remembering the melting feeling I'd had at the cave with the curanderas, "because it's impossible to find the words to explain them, or because it is forbidden?"

"Ahhh, Teresa, you have put the nail on its head."

"Hit the nail on the head," Jack corrected.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Reading Time? Ha, Ha.

“This will be a good weekend for reading.”

I so wish that were true. I have a growing list of books to be read and less and less time. But the #wanafriday blog prompt (above) is pressing down on me to comply this week. I have slithered away for too many days now, avoiding the last few prompts my writer friends are challenged with for Friday posts on our blogs. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I will be squeezing in the time to read this weekend, but like Ellen, I will be at a writer event and won't have as much time to read as I would like.  

And right now I am pushing to finish a novel that seems to have no end--but it's sooo close,  I tell myself . . . but I fear it is like a magnifying glass--it appears closer than it is in reality. 

Refining, refining, refining.

So, quickly, back to this weekend's reading. I have been on a marathon reading binge of the Romantic Suspense novels written by Pamela Clare, squeezing in reading time whenever I can, usually at bed time when I end up unable to put the book down until after midnight. Then I wake up sleepy and unfocused to get my own novel done. So the vicious cycle goes.

But as our WANA leader, Kristen Lamb, tells us, no whining. (Oh but it is feels so good to whine a bit)

Here are the other participating writers so you can check out how their reading agenda for this weekend is coming along:

So, what are you reading this weekend?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Birds of a Feather

Today is for the birds - real and imagined.

This month was the announcement of the annual Coveted Dead Bird Contest winner (short story of mystery or suspense of ten pages or less) at our local chapter of Sisters in Crime. As usual, we had a fun time with the trophies. 

Far from being standard, the Bird Boss who runs the contest each year is encouraged to be creative in developing the trophy (the winner of last year’s contest was Bird Boss this year). It is all tongue in cheek fun.

*(No birds were harmed in the making of these fake trophies)

This year’s theme was Water Rights and Wrongs and so water played a key role in the trophies as well.

The Baby Bird Award (for a new writer entering our contest for the first time who excels and deserves to be recognized):

And, the major trophy this year, The Coveted Dead Bird? A buzzard—an interesting play on the black bird theme which is our tradition.

It was a fun meeting, but to top it, we had a falconer, Cat Krosschell of the Sierra Foothill Conservancy, come with the real thing - four raptors that she cares for. 

I must say she shared information about raptors that was not only interesting but downright fascinating. The birds were amazing up close.

She brought a peregrine falcon: (we learned that the Air Force has designed a plane based on this bird's wings) They can go 200 miles an hour straight down from a height as high as 10,000 feet. 

And a red-tailed hawk (chicken hawk):

He got a little feisty while his handler was speaking.
And two Great Horned Owls:

A very interesting writer's meeting, with lots of people taking notes so we expect some unusual stories next year for the contest.

What did you do with your Saturday?