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In 968 A.D. Japan, thirteen year old, Shino, rebellious and undisciplined, is sent away to the Tendai monks to be trained as a samurai warrior. When leaving his childhood friend Miyoshi behind, he carelessly crushes her young heart. 
Years later, weary of senseless battles fought for selfish lords, Shino is thrust into the world of Heian Kyo where he finds Miyoshi once again. Now blossomed into the beautiful and charming Lady Lotus, she is courtier to the emperor’s court and soon to be betrothed to another. 
Finally accepting that he has always loved her, he risks everything to keep her from the fate to which she is destined but does not want, and the dangers that threaten her life. Does he dare hope for more? 


Do past lives intrude into a present one to set wrongs right and fulfill desires yet unsatisfied?
Tessa Harper's relentless nightmares are driving her to fall apart in her present day life as co-owner of an art gallery in San Francisco. She is experiencing a Mayan sacrifice night after night that defies a modern, rational solution. 
Desperate to escape her nightly horrors, she travels to Mexico, seeking relief in a house by the ocean on the Yucatan Peninsula. On the way, she meets three men. Which one can she trust? Will she have to lose the one she's fallen in love with to find her answers? 



This is a much sought after anthology of award winning short stories of mystery and suspense set in the San Joaquin Valley of California, by two other writer friends and myself. (Mystery, suspense, intrigue, humor.)



*New addition: A 30 day journal with daily inspirational quotes to get your creativity flowing. Now available at Amazon.


Writer Journal Series 1

Inspirational quote laid upon a light flourish and two lined pages to write on.

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