Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Way-Shower

This is a month long series for artists/writers using the Tarot to inspire creativity.

T: The New Tarot is the Tarot for the Aquarian Age. The Rider-Waite deck card would be The Star but in this deck it is the Way-Shower.

The Way-Shower announces a break through. Whereas before The Star signified hope, now the Way Shower signifies immanent awakening.

While doing this post, I realized that it is not for everyone, but then what post is? When you think about it, every post on every blog is specific to those that need it at the time they come across it. Don’t most of us skim through posts to read only those that strike some chord in us at that moment? We are too busy to do otherwise.

This post is highly specific to those of you who are ready to take a next step—who have been thinking about something for a while and need a creative push. It is time to push aside the negative voice of your fears and listen to those voices that are saying go for it, you can do it. The creativity will follow as you move forward toward your dream.

The Way Shower tells us to find our true vision—the one that stirs our juices—maybe something we have been thinking about for a while now. Have a singleness of purpose to take the next step toward bringing that vision into reality.

You have heard the saying, ‘your thoughts create your world,’ well now it is time to do the creating. Hope is past—action is the key. Know that you can do this and go for it.

Get it. Live it. Change your world. 

“Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.” William James

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Let me know if this was helpful. Thanks.


S.M. Hutchins said...

I found this interesting because The Star is my card. I've never heard of the Way Shower. Now I'm off to learn more about that. Thanks!

Tami Clayton said...

Your posts always give me lots to think about and somehow, as I work my way over to your blog, the message that's there seems to fit for me at that moment. Serendipity? Cosmic calling? Who knows. Whatever it is, I like it. :)

Cora said...

I hope you can find what you need from the Way-Shower. The deck I use (mentioned in previous post) is no longer available.

Cora said...

All of the above, I think (serendipity, cosmic calling, kismet). We find what we need when we open up to the possibilities. Thanks Tami.

Anonymous said...

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