Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunted Halls in a Creepy Clinic

This is the last of the scary stories for the month

  My friend, Sunny Frazier, has given us one of her true experiences with a ghost while in the service in Puerto Rico. Enjoy.


            As if going to the dentist wasn't scary enough, I worked in a haunted dental clinic.

            The year was 1974. I was in the Navy and stationed at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. The base was the largest in land size of all Navy bases. Our clinic was on a high hill, very isolated from the rest of the base. Standing duty alone could be frightening. Often, the women volunteered to stand duty alone or their boyfriends would sneak up the hill and stand duty with them.

            I wasn't one of those women. One night, I was on duty and the electricity went out, a very common occurance. There was nothing to do but climb in the bunk bed in the duty room and go to sleep. I had a flashlight and I knew my way around, even in the dark.

            I was asleep when something that felt like the gauze squares we used was over my mouth. I quickly sat up, pushing it away. I saw a figure, very vague in the dark. It was as tall and stocky as the boyfriend I was dating at the time. He was wearing the loose tech jacket we worked in.

            “Dave, you scared me. What are you doing here?” Instead of answering, he disappeared. It didn't register at first. I jumped up, went through the locked door of the duty room and hall way. I was halfway down the corridor when I realized that nobody could get through both doors.

            Shaken, I realized I'd seen an apparition. I wanted to contact the Chief on call, but I couldn't see the phone or call list. I went back for the flashlight, but couldn't find that either (I'd kicked it under the bed). Believe it or not, I lay back down to sleep. I felt the cold again in the room, but said, “Go away,” and it did.

            I slept. You'd think I'd be up all night, afraid. In fact, when I woke up and started making coffee and turning on the lights to get the day going before the crew came in, the incident wasn't on my mind. Not until the Chief asked, “How did duty go?” My reply? “I saw a ghost.”

            They took me into the Captain's office and called security guards. I thought I was going to have to see a shrink. Instead, they asked lots of questions. Turns out, I was the third person to see the ghost. It had been kept under wraps so the others wouldn't refuse to stand duty. One person was transferred out.

            I spoke to the other person before he left. He told me that there had been a very popular dental tech who shocked everyone by joining the Marines for duty in Vietnam. Everyone was sad to see him leave, but he promised to return. He was killed in the war. But, he kept his word.

            The base is gone now. I suppose the ghost has gone too, at rest at last.    

Sunny Frazier:
Acquisitions Editor for Oak Tree Press


Have you ever awakened to a ghost? 

Or maybe heard stories of a ghost at work?

Maybe you've experienced things missing and then showing up again, but you dismissed it as not seeing it the first time you looked. Ghosts can be tricky.

Have a great Halloween!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stranger in the Window

As promised, another ghost story this week. 

Author and Astrologery,  Hazel Dixon-Cooper has graciously agreed to share her ghost story with you today:

            I believe in ghosts. I believe that the spirits of the dead sometimes get caught between this world and the next and try to communicate with us. They might be confused or frightened. Perhaps they’re angry. They certainly get our attention when they show up.
            Although I’m not a psychic, I have intuitive flashes and periods when I pick up their energy and see, feel, or hear them. Although these encounters can be startling, most aren’t scary. A few have been chilling.
            One of the most frightening experiences I had was when a young man showed up at my home office window one summer night. I live near the San Joaquin River in a fairly new neighborhood built in an area that was previously wild riverbanks and farm land. That particular night I was on deadline, and working late. I’d opened the window a few inches to let in the cool summer breeze.
               As I worked, I began to get a creepy feeling as if someone were watching me. You know how you can spook yourself into thinking someone or some thing is right behind you? That’s how I felt. Only it wasn’t behind me, it was outside the window looking in at me. I tried to shake off the feeling, attributing it to the imagination of my tired mind. Until my cat, which had been sleeping on his corner of my desk, sat up, ears twitching, and stared at the window, then I froze. He jumped down and left.
Looking at my computer screen, I reached over and slid the window shut. Through my peripheral vision, I saw an arm in a white dress shirt and the side of a dark-haired young man’s face.
            I stood and closed the blinds, but I could feel that he was still there and that he wanted something from me. So I sat back down and thought about what to do next. He stayed at the window. After a few minutes, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. He was sitting in one of the patio chairs. Again, I saw him out of the corner of my eye.
            Black pants, white dress shirt, black hair, only the right side of his face. Suddenly, I knew that I didn’t want to see the left side of his face. I didn’t think he had any face there to see. By this time, all four of my cats had disappeared, and I was on the verge of panic. He, on the other hand, was calm. Waiting. For what?
            I paced around the kitchen, into the den, and back to the kitchen. Finally, I decided to concentrate on why he had appeared to me. Confusion was the word that popped into my head. He was confused about where he was and what had happened to him. I thought he felt that I could explain it to him. Of course, I had no idea why he was there or what had happened, so I told him so.
            I turned my head slightly toward him, still afraid to look at him, and said, “I can’t help you. I don’t know what happened to you. But I think it’s okay for you to go now.” Then I walked back into my office and sat there trying to get a grip on what had just happened. There wasn’t any use in trying to work again, so I shut the computer off and went back to the kitchen like the stupid girl in a horror movie walks back to where the monster lurks.
            Only my ghost wasn’t a monster, and when I peeked at the patio chair, he was gone.
            The next morning, I wrote down the experience. I told my friends, the ones that believe in other worldly connections then slowly forgot about it.
            A few months later, my friend, Bonnie Hearn Hill told the story to a group of her writing students. Later that week, one of the women in her class told her that when she’d related the story to her mother who lives close to my neighborhood, her mom looked shocked. She told her daughter that a young man had committed suicide on the bluffs a few years before my neighborhood was built. He’d shot himself in the head.
HazelDixon-Cooper has been a professional astrologer for more than twenty-five years, and is the author of the internationally bestselling Rotten Day astrology book series.
She is a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers and a member in good standing of the National Council of Geocosmic Research. 

Thank you, Hazel. That gave me the chills. I can imagine how I'd feel if I looked out my window on a dark night and saw a ghost looking in at me. At least he stayed outside!

Do you believe in 'other worldly connections?' (love that phrase Hazel)
Do you think the ghost was the same man that committed suicide on the bluffs? 
Have you ever seen a ghost that didn't frighten you?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spirit in the Redwoods

I love the redwoods. Northern California in Humboldt County has half of the remaining old growth redwoods in the world. Some are five stories taller than the Statue of Liberty. Some have been around two thousand years.

About thirty-five years ago we were traveling to Oregon and had stopped and pulled off the road to get out among the huge redwoods. The air smelled wonderful and fresh. I wanted to go off by myself for a few moments and just be in the forest, quietly taking in that wonderful feeling. Being around redwoods raises your spirit and lightens your mood—at least it does mine.

I started down a hill through the trees, the ground covered in ferns as far as I could see. There was light through the trees from a meadow farther down the hill. It was magical. I found a spot and sat down to listen to the forest and meditate a moment.

I was peaceful for a little while, when all of a sudden I got agitated and scared. I felt I should leave right away. I started to walk out but soon felt the imperative to hurry. My thoughts turned to stories of the Yeti thought to inhabit areas like this that are isolated. My heart beat faster. As adrenaline coursed through me, I began running until I reached the car.

“What’s wrong?” my husband asked when he saw me panting.

“I don’t know. All of a sudden I felt something weird while I was down there.” I got my camera out and snapped a picture aimed at the area I had just come from. We left.

Later when I got home and had the film developed, what I found shocked me. On the film was a fog-like area in the center of the shot. It was the profile of a creature with pointed ears. My husband and daughter’s reaction was, “What, I don’t see anything but a white fog.”

So I went and got a marking pen to outline the area of white. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't outlined it because that was the only copy and it could be seen as manipulating the photo. But at the time I didn't care. I knew there was a creature on that film and it was amazing. I wanted my husband and daughter to see the face I was seeing and I had no plans to share it with anyone else anyway.

This week, I spent three days looking for that photo for this post. You know the drill, you put something away for safe keeping and then you can never find it. 

To make matters weirder, this morning I took out a pen to draw what I saw, and then went to load it into the computer to share on this blog and my computer froze. I spent all morning finding a way to get in and unfreeze it. AT LAST, I did. So, barring any further complications, here is the picture of the creature I saw . 

This is my last scary story for Halloween, but next week author/astrologer, Hazel Dixon Cooper has graciously agreed to share her ghost story with you. Don't miss it. It's a good one.


I always wondered if that scared and creepy feeling that came over me was caused by this creature, or was he maybe warning me to leave because of some danger I was unaware of? Or maybe I just have a very active imagination. What do you think?

What do you think I saw in the redwoods?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghosts-What Me Worry?

I believe in ghosts. I think they’re just people who no longer have bodies. Some get stuck and don’t move on for a myriad of reasons. 

Some find ways to make themselves known (check out the ghost hunting shows: Ghost Hunters

I also believe some of the manifestations are residual, just a moment in time repeating itself like a broken record. Places hold energy as well, and sometimes spirits are attached to a place and can’t move on, usually when there was trauma or pain and distress of some kind.
Objects can hold energy and cause problems for those the objects are around (Haunted Collector), and if they disturb the living it can usually be stopped by removing the object. 

I mention all this because I have a ghost story to share this week. It happened when my daughter was very young, about eight years old. We have an older house (1920s era) and whether the haunting was associated with the house or the area or some object, I don’t know. (The house was owned by a coffin maker early on.)

Our house is known as an airplane bungalow, the kind with one room on top that is accessed by stairs at the back, through the bedroom (awkward). 

My daughter had that bottom room as her bedroom at one time and she used to complain of hearing noises and footsteps on the stairs leading to that top room. 

As in any scary movie, I dismissed it as due to the age of the house, with its many creaks and knocks that normally occur with the expansions and contractions that occur in an old wooden house.

One day she was especially upset about the noises, saying someone kept walking up and down the stairs.

Then she said it was a little girl. Uh, oh.

I casually asked her how she knew it was a little girl and she said she could see her. Uh, oh.

She wasn’t in the habit of making up this kind of thing and so I had to consider that maybe it was a ghost. It was really bothering her, and I decided to exorcise the ghost. 
(No, not with crosses and holy water. More like Ghost Whisperer and Psychic Kids) by talking to her and finding out what was keeping her here.

So, we went upstairs, burned a candle and pulled in white light around us. I asked my daughter to call to the little girl to come and talk to us. My daughter did this in her mind. The little girl came (I never saw her, but my daughter said she could see her and if nothing else, I figured this would clear it for my daughter to play-act this out so she wouldn’t be scared any more).

It seems the little girl was upset and told my daughter that she was waiting for her mother and could not find her. I had my daughter tell her that her mother was no longer here and that it was time for her to move on, that someone was waiting to take her to her mother and that she only needed to look around and find that person(s) and go with them. I suggested there was a white light to look for, and when she could see it, she would find someone to take her on to her mother.

The little girl soon said she saw the light and with a little coaxing left. The creaking stairs no longer creaked and the vision of the little girl no longer appeared to my daughter.

So, this week pay attention to those creeks and knocks you usually dismiss as house noises and watch to see if your dog or cat seems to be watching something you can’t see.

I hope to have another ghost story for you next week and all this month of Halloween.

Have you ever seen a ghost or felt a presence?

Ever picked up an object at a garage sale that just felt too weird when you got it home and then you had to get rid of it?

Do you have a ghost story?