Sunday, September 21, 2014

Perfume Perfidy

Well here it is—fall again. The flyers are coming out advertising the nesting-instinct-items—you know the ones from Macy’s Home section. I resist the urge to buy another comforter or quilt, but Oooh look at that blue and white one, it matches my dinnerware. Of course they will not be seen at the same time, unless I serve breakfast in bed which is not likely to happen any time soon because breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day. It’s hard for me to look an egg in the eye before eleven—brunch is good, though.
So I resist and close the Home Sale magazine flyer for Macy’s. But then the perfume inserts fall out. Aaagh! I’m in trouble now. Like I need another perfume. (My perfume weakness is documented in my 2012 post)

I resist the Dior Jadore ad—you know, the one with Charlize Theron striding confidently down the crystal, chandelier-dripping hall in the Chateau de Versailles, while the camera artfully focuses on her long, model-strutting legs traversing the parquet floors (reminds me of my days in the sun when my legs were long, thin and supple and my knick-name was Long Tall Sally. Sigh!)

Anywho—on to the next, a Gucchi Guilty Pour Homme ad. Ohhh! Maybe I should buy my man that scent? No! . . . (I’m doing a good job of resisting this morning.)

Versace?—not tempted. (toss)

Jimmy Choo (Whaaat? Shoes weren’t enough, now perfume?) The Man scent is nice, though.

Prada’s Luna Rossa—my hand is shaking. Tempting me.

Last it’s Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce. Hmmm. I open the tab and rub it on my wrist . . . . Okay, I’m in serious trouble—it’s anybody’s guess where this is headed. A Trip to Macy’s might be on the agenda today.

What's your flyer ad weakness? Perfumes? Linens? Furniture? Shoes . . . uh, don't get me started on that one.