Friday, September 6, 2013

All Those Pretty Little Apps

Going into fall, I will start to revive from our hot summer (although today is supposed to be 105) and post seriously, though don't count on me being THAT serious. I have a couple of posts on short story writing coming up, but today's not that day.

I am joining the #wanafriday gals today to post on: A NEW DISCOVERY. I have been very -- I hate to use  the word, busy, it sounds so excuse-laden -- so let's say, I have been very occupied with all kinds of disparate things going on in my life (don't we all?) that wouldn't yield to getting out any kind of serious posts these past several months. One major thing being finishing my next novel--which takes center stage at this point--almost there.

So, what's my new discovery? My new Samsung Galaxy S4. Why would I list such a thing for a post? Well it is not to advertise for Samsung. I suspect all new I-phones and present day androids (or whatever-I'm not tech savvy) do the same sorts of things. It is because it allows me to be me.

I suspect I don't think in sequential ways as other people do. I am more a circuitous thinker--around in circles--no, more like spirals. I often get that, huh? look because I am just off center at times. I know that about myself so those looks don't upset me much anymore. My husband and gal pals understand me and love me anyway so it's all good.

But I digress.

I love all those lovely buttons (well, pictures of buttons) and things to click on--so pretty. I really don't get that distracted, it just makes my life so much easier--and now I have my music! (my last phone had so little memory that putting up the Twitter app drained it of all remaining life--forget getting music)

My critique partner understands -- she tweeted, "How's your love affair with your phone? He cheat on you yet?" (romance writer humor)

That's it. 

So, what's your new discovery? 

I will be adding other #wanafriday posts as the gals post (no men yet):

Liv Rancourt -  Discovery, What Does the Fox Say Crazy new music video from Norway.


Liv Rancourt said...

I love my smart phone! Had a Samsung & now have an iPhone5. There were things I liked better about the Samsung, but the iPhone is good. I love my Evernote app, my app, my Kindle, my Goddess Tarot, my Pinterest, and of course my Songpop app...just to name a few...

Cora said...

Uh oh, now you've given me more ideas to check out. Thanks.

Ellen Gregory said...

My smartphone (iPhone) changed my life too. Everyone kept saying how they couldn't live without theirs, and I didn't believe them. Only now I do!! Enjoy, Cora!

Have you found the Blogger App yet? You can post while out and about. :-)

Cora said...

No, but I will now. Smartphones--making life easier.

Erin Z. said...

Nice. I've had an iPhone for three years, and I will never go back to flip phones. It makes my life easier, too. :D

Unknown said...

You new-adopters are so cute! Really, I don't know what I do without my smart phone. Not so ga-ga about the apps, but do love my Kindle app.
Keep having fun, Cora!

Anonymous said...

Not quite there yet myself. I have a smart phone, but it is still smarter than I am. I use it as a, um, (I hate to admit this...) as a PHONE. I do check my email occasionally, take a picture now an then, check GPS when I am in new territory, and a few other aps. Unfortunately, I do not get my money's worth out of it. OH well. Maybe one day when I have more time...