Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After Easter Tidbits

With a week of company, family gatherings and rich food, I’m still working my way down from a food coma, family good times, a sick dog and three days of hay fever issues brought on by seasonably warm weather. As a result, my writing has suffered. To give you something special to take away, I decided to share a few authors you might like to know about.

Long time friend, Lorie Ham, has gathered some interviews and short videos she taped for her on-line magazine KingsRiver Life while at the recent Left Coast Crime Writers’ Conference in Sacramento, California in March. I’m sure you’ll find these interesting:

Victoria Heckman has a new series of books with an interesting twist—communicating with animals to solve crime. See her taped interview discussing this interesting ability that some people have and how she came to write about it in her new novel Burn Out:

Jeri Westerson puts a different twist on the noir mystery by having her stories set in medieval times. Her series features Crispin Guest, a “tracker,” the equivalent of a Medieval Private Investigator. After being disgraced as a knight and stripped of all of his wealth and postion, Crispen uses the only things left to him to make a living—his knightly skills. Check out her interview by Marilyn Meredith here:

Lee Goldberg, script writer (Monk, Spenser for Hire, Diagnosis Murder and more recently, The Glades), and novelist with a dose of humor, is interviewed here by Deborah H. Williams and includes Lorie's live interview video: 

Have you recently come across an author that wows you? Leave a comment and share your new find.


Patricia Caviglia said...

He's not a mystery writer but I do love Brad Smith. His books are fast paced, the plots a little wild and the characters are lots of fun.

Cora said...

His books look interesting, I will have to check him out. Thanks for the recommendation.

Alina Sayre said...

Ooh, these are cool! I'm going to have to put that Jeri Westerton book on my wish list :)