Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's Your Sign? Part 2

                                          Pisces and The Moon Tarot Card

Part 2 – Archetypes from Astrology and The Tarot for creating characters.

Pisces, sign of the fishes swimming in opposite directions in the element of water—the realm of emotions and intuition. Pisces people are highly sensitive and intuitive. They are most often found to be selfless, compassionate, sympathetic and kind --popular with all kinds of people. They tend to be easygoing and have an affectionate nature which people respond to and feel comfortable around.

But, on their dark side they can be idealistic to the point of dreaming more than doing. They can be escapist and secretive and need to steer clear of substance abuse. Further, they can be vague, weak-willed and easily led—emotional rather than rational.

The Moon card of the Tarot is the symbol tied to Pisces. Emerging from the primordial waters of ignorance (unknowing of our divine potential) we begin the journey toward higher purpose, encouraging self-exploration and exploring the areas where we have failed to be honest with ourselves and face our truths; what in our lives is an illusion and what is truth. The inner light within us—our own feelings and intuition is what we must ultimately trust as our best guide.  But before we do that we must pass the dog and the wolf—the tame side of us at war with our wilder, more uninhibited urges. What are we yielding to that is moving us in certain directions? Our goal is to pursue the path that leads to expressing our higher nature.

Pisces intuition and imagination are both its strength and weakness. Everyday life offers little structure if one is leaning too far into the mystical side of life. It becomes too easy to flounder and lose direction. 

The best path for Pisces to follow is to engage in creative or spiritual pursuits while working in the real world. When they trust in their feelings they are more apt to follow the best solutions and make the right decisions.

The Power of The Moon is that she is a source of intuitive clarity, immense power available for us if we learn to focus and direct its energy.

So, a character arc has so many possibilities when you start out on the darker side of Pisces and move to its higher potential by the end of a book. Or, if not the protagonist, you can see the possibilities for using the dark side as fodder for a weak, substance abuser who is a likable character, with moments of brilliance coming through intuitively, or one that lies all the time and is led around by a stronger individual. Pisces offers so many possible combinations for  interesting characterization.

Do you have a Pisces character in your stories? 
Can you think of a movie character that follows the Pisces archetype?
Does this give you any ideas for a character?
If you’re a Pisces, or know one, does it ring true?

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Tami Clayton said...

My younger daughter is a Pisces so this was interesting to learn more about her sign. She is definitely a compassionate, caring, giving child and is drawn to helping others. She is also immensely creative and usually has some "project" she's working on. She's a sensitive soul, too, and is learning how to set limits with others around her at school. Thanks for sharing this, Cora!

Sara Walpert Foster said...

Idealistic to the point of dreaming more than doing. Escapist, secretive, need to steer clear of substance abuse. Emotional rather than rational. Have you been sitting in on my therapy appointments? Yes, I'm a Pisces.

Cora said...

You daughter sounds like a creative soul. So glad she is learning to set limits. That's important for a Pisces.
Some famous Pisces: Drew Barrymore, George Washington, Peter Fonda, Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Johnny Cash and of course Elizabeth Taylor.

Cora said...

How funny you are. Who knew that was you I was listening in on?

Patricia Caviglia said...

I've never thought about associating my characters with an astrological sign. Thanks for the idea!

The only thing I've ever noticed about my pisces friends is that they are a little to emo for my liking. Then again, I'm an aquarius-cold and detached. My ascendant is taurus so I am also bullish. LOL!

April Plummer said...

You know, I'm like Patricia. I never thought of aligning my characters with a sign either. But, I am a Pisces, and I am very much a Pisces. LOL. My husband is also, but he's not a Pisces. Not in the ways I am though. I am very emotional, and he's not at all.

Cora said...

Not all Pisces are emotional. But the moon card does make them sensitive to other people around them and can affected them in any number of ways.

Cora said...

I framed one of my characters on a Scorpio woman. It really helped nail down her inner motivations and drives. Whatever works, huh?

I just responded to Patricia's comments in that two people in the same sign can be very different. A lot depends on where your planets are and sometimes if you have a lot of planets in your rising sign, you can take on more characteristics of that sign than your sun sign.