Friday, January 13, 2012

Not All Wolves Are Scary

All About Wolfs
This past Monday was a Full Wolf Moon. I love knowing that. There was a time when it was important to know when the wolves were about. Now, it just sends pleasant shivers down my spine at the thought of standing at the edge of a forest listening to the howls of wolves within. (Notice I said standing at the edge, I'm not crazy) So evocative of our wilder nature, of freedom and unfettered dancing under the full moon.

Werewolf : Moonlit night.I was exploring my new Nook Color and downloaded a free book. I didn't expect much, thinking if it was free it probably wasn't very good. I had a pleasant surprise. Although the book wasn't well written, the plot grabbed me and pulled me through to the end--you know the kind, where you take it everywhere so you can keep reading; the bathroom, in the car in case you have a long stop light, to the kitchen while you're cooking so you can continue reading while waiting for the pasta to boil.

wolf computer backgrounds
It was a werewolf story and by the time I finished, I wanted to go sign up at the werewolf registry and find out where these guys lived. Maybe they'd let me stay in their pack for a while. These were no slasher werewolves, they were lovers. So I went back to the Nook store to see if this writer had any more books. I found two more in the series and was amazed that they were also free. Free? What? I was prepared to pay this time but the author notes that she just writes for pleasure.

To her praise, the next one was written better. I wondered what it was, if not being well written, that kept me reading? Characters and an interesting plot (take note new writers). I devoured the next two as well, but alas, that was the end of the series--and I am so hooked. The end is always like having a lover leave. Hard to let go even though you know it's over.

I love the myth of the wolf as well as watching them in their group dynamic. I found these links for wolf stories and fables: and a Kiowa legend of wolf boy: if you are interested.

So, do you read the werewolf sub-genre? Want to know who this author is? Leave a comment and I'll tell.


Rebecca said...

Hi Cora--

Yes, I would like to know the author. I'm not a reader of the werewolf sub-genre yet, but I am trying to diversify my reading and become less of a snob. I'm recovering from an MFA program--and all the Important (but sometimes not so interesting books) we studied. As part of my recovery process, I just finished Deborah Harkness' novel, A Discovery of Witches. This made me feel about vampires like you decribe rethinking werewolves--"let me join you guys, at least for a few hours." A few months ago I was lucky to be able to attend a writers' conference in Canada. I took a workshop with Diana Gabaldon. I came home from the conference and started her Outlander series...and was addicted in about 3 pages. This was my first adult read about time traveling. So, I guess I am ready to launch into werewolf fiction.

I think we are classmates in Kristen Lamb's online class about blogging. This is my first visit to your blog. I liked this post a lot and will be back to read more.


Cora said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your response--it lets me know someone is reading the blog. The author is Nicky Charles. Her first in the series is The Mating. I downloaded it from Barnes and Noble but Smashwords has it as well. Since she doesn't charge for it, I thought the least I could do was give her some publicity. She only asks for comments.
Sounds like you need this after finishing your MFA. I would love to know your reaction after you've read it. Be sure and Tweet me if you are in Kristen's class. I'm going to try your suggestions as well.
Thanks, Cora