Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dance the Dream Awake - Snippet

I'm joining the Weekend Writing Warriors today to share a snippet of my novel Dance the Dream Awake:

I was flat on my back when I came to with Louisa was looking down at me, her eyes like black pools with no bottom—windows into another time.

“You have something that must be completed, a loose string that must be tied up and imperative to your happiness. We cannot talk now, but soon,” she said while closing my eyelids with the tips of her fingers.

When I opened them again, Nick was kneeling over me, calling my name and patting my cheek. I raised up on one elbow and asked, “What happened?”

“The curanderas were drinking some sort of psychotropic mixture and you barely had a few sips before passing out.”

“Did you pass out, too?”

“No, but it’s been a very interesting two hours.”

DANCE THE DREAM AWAKE: Romantic Suspense with paranormal elements.

Visit and see more snippets by other authors at the Weekend Writing Warrior site. 


Teresa Cypher said...

Ha! Wonder what she missed? Great job painting the scene. Nicely, done :-) said...

Nice snippet. Nice cryptic message. I wonder what happened during her missing 2 hours.

Summer Ross said...

Now I;m curious about the two hours. LOL
Good snippet.
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Veronica Scott said...

Intriguing and scary to lose two hours of your life. Excellent excerpt!

Sarah said...

Wow! Wonder what he missed...and what the message meant! Great snippet!

Millie Burns said...

Louisa's truth left that all that's been remembered? Interesting eight.

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