Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dance is the Thing

When I picked today's #wanafriday post theme, I thought it would be easy. Click a picture from one of my Pinterest Boards, scribble a few words and voila, I'd be done. Not! The more pictures you have, the harder it is. And I have lots.

I finally decided to concentrate on dance. We all love to move our bodies to music, even if it is only to tap our toes. This first picture speaks for itself. 

When you feel it, you can't stand still.

Whether classically trained 
or culturally evoked, (whew, steamy)

we all get happy when we dance. Ever seen a sad dancer?

So go feel the music and dance today, even if only by yourself in your room, or in your imagination. I bet your mood will improve.

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Kim Moser
Liv Rancourt

(More posters with #wanafriday will be added as they post today and tomorrow.)

You might like to visit my board for more pictures on 'photography' and 'dance' here.


Liv said...

Your pictures are amazing, Cora. That first one is the best thing ever, and I'm on my to Pinterest right now to repin it!

Anonymous said...

Voltaire said, loosely: "Read a lot, Dance a lot. These are amusements that do the Earth no harm.
Really good post, Cora.

Cora said...

Thanks, Liv. I think we are going to end up pinning each other's pins. Ha Ha.

Cora said...

Thanks JoAnne, great line from Voltaire.

pastprimetravelers said...

Nice blog. Great pictures. Maria

Kim Griffin said...

I love your pins and, you're right, you don't see sad dancers! I never thought of it that way. I do dance to lift my spirits, so I think you're on to something :)

Cora said...

Thanks Maria.

Cora said...

The right music can get your feet moving until your whole body follows.

Ellen Gregory said...

We always dance for 5 minutes to warm up for singing in my choir - it's fun and gets the blood flowing!

Cora said...

I think that's a great idea. Never heard of that before for singing but it sounds like it would be effective.

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