Friday, November 29, 2013

Tangos, Teasers and Tweets

One of my critique partners has decided to read my novel and tweet her comments while reading it through this weekend. Oh gawd, am I in for it! 

I thought a heads-up post was in order. I have no idea what her reactions will be, but I’m sure I am in for some unexpected zingers because she does not hold back. A bit of background? She is one saucy gal and her wit and gut reactions will be on the menu.

So, a little background on the writing of Dance the Dream Awake, the journey of Tessa Harper:

Throw into a pot a bit of Joseph Campbell, fairy tales, Tarot, Meso-American history, especially Mayan history, and add some mystique and what do you get? A present day woman who gets The Call and Responds to the Call from her soul. She takes that hero’s journey into the unknown, her dark side—a hidden, repressed and festering past needing to be healed.

She goes to Mexico out of desperation to rid herself of the nightmares that have been driving her crazy. She must step beyond her safe place of familiarity—what the ‘normal world’ says to do. The norm being the place most people never leave—what the outside world defines for our lives; parents, schools, churches, employers, society all around. Her journey takes her to the center of herself—to the unknown, the dark side that most never face. Sometimes she moves forward willingly, sometimes tentatively and sometimes kicking and screaming. At the heart of it she is determined to find out what the nightmares mean and how to stop them.

Of course, no one’s journey is all dark and she has to have some fun, too. So there are men she meets along the way . . . but I leave you there, ---@corajramos waiting for comments on Twitter by @mills_michele,  @KristaWriter, and @ElsaBayly.


Just for fun, I share this video of a sexy Argentine Tango--oh yes, there's tango in the book, too. First (and only) video on the board at

This should be a fun weekend! If you want to jump in on Twitter, please do. The more the merrier.


mindprinter said...

Cora, you are a brave soul to have someone read your novel in its entirety and Tweet back comments. Yikes I don't think I could do that. Dance the Dream Awake sounds unique and interesting. The blurb you've written here really draws the reader in. Brava! Paul

Sherry Isaac said...

Is there any dance more passionate, embodying the love/hate intricacies of a love affair?

I think not.

Your story concept has intrigued me since we first 'met'. I'm confident the tweet-by-tweet commentary will be spectacular.


Janet Greger said...

Building suspense by tweeting - what a great idea.
JL Greger, author of IGNORE THE PAIN

Cora said...

Thanks for all your comments. I am just now able to post comments due to glitch with my Blogger account. Thank you Paul, Sherry and Janet for your responses. The event on Twitter was fun and garnered some attention to the book, but more, it was fun and I want to do it again.

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