Friday, March 16, 2012

Writers & Bloggers Must Haves

I caught a multitude of good advice this week that all you writers and bloggers might want to check out.

Melissa Norris over at Word Serve Watercooler Has tips on how to effectively use Twitter for Authors.


Melissa Norris also guest posts to give us 8 Twitter Tips for Authors.
(Target your audience, make lists, follow to add to your audience—those who follow you for your content not to add to their numbers)


Blogging Bistro has tutorials on all things blogging by Laura Christianson : 

Over at Pitching Perfectly read about log lines, branding yourself and How to Pitch the Book:  posted by Laura Brennan.



Unknown said...

Oohh, free pictures. Thanks for the resources Cora.

Elaine Smothers said...

Thanks for these great links, Cora! You can never have too many Twitter tips & pic resources!

Liv Rancourt said...

Handy links. Thanks for posting!

Erica Miles said...

Good links, as usual, Cora.

Thank you!

Tami Clayton said...

Great links, Cora. Thanks for posting them. I have jotted them down to check out in a bit.