Monday, February 8, 2016

Glimpse Ancient Japan

Close your eyes and imagine you are in ancient Japan, in the capital city where the emperor's palace sits in the center, surrounded by the houses of the wealthy and powerful lords of the day. 

Take a peek into the life of 980 A.D., Japan in the "city of purple hills and crystal streams," Heian Kyo, the setting for my new novel, Haiku Dance.

You are in the wooden house of an influencial lord, Fujiwara no Ichiro, his shinden-zukuri. 


His daughter, Miyoshi, is in her apartment, spending the afternoon in the company of her women guests. They are scattered around the space on cushions, zabutons, whiling away the hours leisurely playing music, gossiping and sharing games to pass the time. Refreshments are brought in throughout the day.

A sensual romance soon to be published on April 16, 2016.

Now go listen to the sounds of the Koto as you imagine this scene: 


Unknown said...

I love this post, Cora. I think it will illicit a lot of interest in Haiku Dance. Such a great story about a period of Japan's history that I know you have researched intensely. Readers will get a beautiful love story as well as a glimpse into what life was like in Japan so long ago. Very nice!

Cora said...

Thanks so much for all your support through this novel. Your a gem.