Friday, March 27, 2015

Does Erotica Shock You?

Today I am over on Romance and Beyond, talking about,"How did you know writing erotica was right for you?" In the post I am announcing:

The first book in the DANCE series has a new cover and a new publisher, Black Opal Books.

Dance the Dream Awake

To be released on May 9, 2015


Can a past life intrude into a present one to right wrongs and fulfill desires yet unsatisfied?

Tessa Harper’s relentless nightmares are driving her to fall apart in her present day life as co-owner of an art gallery in San Francisco. She is experiencing a Mayan sacrifice night after night that defies a modern solution. 

Seeking relief, she decides on a vacation to Mexico in a house by the ocean on the Yucatan Peninsula. On the way she meets three men. Which one can she trust? Will she have to lose the one she’s fallen in love with to find her answers?

The third man, her neighbor, takes Tessa to a party given by the 'loco gringa' and she meets two curanderas, native medicine women. They force her onto a path that shakes up her view of reality and initiates some astounding revelations that get to the heart of her nightmares. 

The seemingly innocuous beads Tessa mysteriously acquired before her trip, a Mayan dig in the jungle, a black market of ancient artifacts and an unexpected love—all have a tie to that ancient past that ratchets up the heat before the dream is danced awake. 


The next book in the DANCE series is an erotic love story set in ancient Japan, called Haiku Dance. It will be released later this year, hopefully late summer. 

To learn more about how I came to write erotica, visit  Romance and Beyond on the subject, on Friday, March 27, 2015.

Do you read erotica?  Write it? 

In the words of Mae West, "Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often."