Friday, August 16, 2013

Reading Time? Ha, Ha.

“This will be a good weekend for reading.”

I so wish that were true. I have a growing list of books to be read and less and less time. But the #wanafriday blog prompt (above) is pressing down on me to comply this week. I have slithered away for too many days now, avoiding the last few prompts my writer friends are challenged with for Friday posts on our blogs. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I will be squeezing in the time to read this weekend, but like Ellen, I will be at a writer event and won't have as much time to read as I would like.  

And right now I am pushing to finish a novel that seems to have no end--but it's sooo close,  I tell myself . . . but I fear it is like a magnifying glass--it appears closer than it is in reality. 

Refining, refining, refining.

So, quickly, back to this weekend's reading. I have been on a marathon reading binge of the Romantic Suspense novels written by Pamela Clare, squeezing in reading time whenever I can, usually at bed time when I end up unable to put the book down until after midnight. Then I wake up sleepy and unfocused to get my own novel done. So the vicious cycle goes.

But as our WANA leader, Kristen Lamb, tells us, no whining. (Oh but it is feels so good to whine a bit)

Here are the other participating writers so you can check out how their reading agenda for this weekend is coming along:

So, what are you reading this weekend?


Kris Lynn said...

Not reading - have a meeting to attend, and my own writing to do. But if I could read, I think I'd pull out an older Linda Howard or two...

Kim Griffin said...

I'm finishing up World War Z, which I'm learning a lot from about character voices, and I am also reading your book (thank you very much) and a short story in Tales From the Mist with Rhonda Hopkins :)

I've got lots of reading to do, but what else is new?

Cora said...

I hope to get to World War Z at some point--sounds like something I should read, especially after what you said about the character voices.

WoW-hope you enjoy my book.

Ellen Gregory said...

I hear you, Cora! I confess I have been whining recently about not enough time to read!

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