Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dance Me to the End of Love

Dance Me to the End of Love

Isn't that a great title? It is the name of a painting by Jack Vettriano. I was looking through my Pinterest board of Art to find a subject for the art theme a group of writers are sharing this weekend for posting on their blogs. As happens on Pinterest, I went to other people's boards for the perfect painting and found this painting that floored me. 

This image is exactly like a dream I had when I was a very young child. Who knows but it might have inspired my writing because in the dream, a couple exactly like this were my parents. They were sending me to another incarnation on earth but without them. I began crying because they were leaving me to be born while they danced away, assuring me everything would be all right and they would return for me after a while.


I never forgot that dream, nor that feeling of them leaving me and the sadness. What do I write? About past lives, reincarnation, emotions and obligations left over from previous lives. And what is the name of my first novel coming out next month about this? Dance the Dream Awake.

The Painting:

What striking coincidences have you had?

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What inspires you?


Liv Rancourt said...

That's a gorgeous picture, Cora, and I can see how it so beautifully illustrates your dream. What a cool story!

Unknown said...

Cora I'm glad you joined us - this is an wonderful story of your dream, and I'm looking forward to the release of your book. As for striking coincidences - when I was a teenager I dreamed my then boyfriend had bought a car, an original VW Bug in that aqua green colour, I rang him in the morning and all he said was "How did you know?" as that's exactly what he'd bought!

Ellen Gregory said...

Wow - that's an amazing painting, Cora! And the story of your dream as well.
I could definitely have that on my wall! I LOVE it.

Tami Clayton said...

Wow, what an intense dream you had! And then to find such a hauntingly beautiful painting that is so in sync with it. Amazing.

Kim Griffin said...

Wow ~ that gave me a chill, Cora.

Some dreams just stick with you ~ and maybe not all dreams are just dreams.

Great work of art!

Cora said...

That's a great story. I've had a few dreams that were precognitive like that. It is always startling and amazing. Thanks for sharing that.

Cora said...

Very haunting painting-something about the light I think.

Cora said...

Exactly what I believe. There are all different kinds of dreams, but some take you a step beyond.

Cora said...

Really amazing. If I hadn't done this shared theme post, I wouldn't have gone looking for a painting and found this one. I never saw it before.

Cora said...

Thanks, Liv. I love it when something like this happens.