Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is Greatness Relative or a Theory?

Metaphysical books of old talk of the Akashic Record where everything that has ever existed (past and future) is recorded. Those able to tap into it can bring forth information that in their logical mind they could not possibly know. It is believed that Nostradamus accessed this knowledge and was able to write his predictions for events still unfolding today.

But if you don’t subscribe to Nostradamus predictions, how about Einstein, Tesla, great prophets of the world or any number of geniuses who believed they got their ideas in some form of meditation or quiet mind activity?

I was watching the History Channel while making dinner the other night and this subject matter caused me to stop and take notes. On my blog I sometimes hint at my closet metaphysical side. You might have guessed that my mind wanders to those things in the universe that cannot be proved—yet. So when the History Channel updated what science can now prove, I was thrilled.

With my layman’s mind I will lay it out as I understand it. The zero point field—where everything exists—is now more clearly understood. The dimensions (string theory or bubble theory) are connected and sometimes overlap (they may be moving slowly into each other). Maybe when they overlap, we get a view into something so totally other from what we normally know—or maybe a peek into another time.

It is proven that space and time are flexible (Einstein) and that some people can access the grid, the zero point field (the matrix) through meditation, a déjà vu experience, dreams or some form of altered or quiet state—a transcendental moment in the mind.

Within the hidden dimensions may lie the extra-terrestrials who seem to slip in and out of view and maybe travel through time, whether through a worm hole or some other time slip we have yet to uncover.

Maybe it is not so far-fetched to believe that some people can access the Akashic Record-or whatever you want to call the knowledge of the universe.

People who claim to have seen angels, guides, or extra-terrestrials may not be imagining a non reality, but instead may be seeing a reality not yet here or in a different dimension—a form of remote viewing while in communication with some type of other-worldly energies.

Great mystics have part of their being in this reality and in another dimension at the same time in order to bring us the ideas and information we need to evolve.

Einstein’s favorite book, Madam Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, is uber metaphysical and had a great influence on him. Using his ‘psychic’ ability he ‘found’ or formed the theory of relativity. He was adept at putting himself in altered state—remaining in that altered space for hours while exploring new ideas (Like asking, ‘if you sat on a beam of light what would you experience?’ His theory, thus gleaned, allows for the possibility of time travel).

He was able to tune into the nature of the universe, and by not limiting himself, saw things in a different, mystical way. Whether it was the Akashic Record, the zero field or some form of bubble theory, he brought the future closer. His 4 papers were done in one year. (Annus Mirabilis papers) 

Einstein had extraordinary gifts, a genius by our standards, but he was not the only one.

Socrates, who was considered strange in many ways in his day, spent his time day-dreaming, caught in the grip of a thought or idea for hours on end. His peers said he had extraordinary endurance-able to access a being who gave him information; a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical realm.

Who else? Leonardo DiVinci. He looked at a candle flame while lying down for hours.

Puccini said his creations came from divine source. 

Brahms believed his works came from beyond; something other than himself.

Tesla-the driving force behind today’s wireless technologies, wrote of powerful visualizations where he could envision machines in minute detail. He believed he was in contact with other worldly beings. He wrote of  ‘. . . a message from another world. It reads 1,2,3.’ And he was obsessed with the number three in his work.            

The universe is far more complex than we think. Einstein was said to have a different brain than the normal man, but did he have it to begin with, or did he develop it through his form of meditation?

Are certain people (geniuses), born at certain times to access the cosmos and give us the needed leap into the future, or is it possible we limit ourselves and so do not achieve our own greatness?

What do you think?


Unknown said...

Thoughts, ideas and opinions abound in your post, Cora! The common thread in all of your research is time - not only the mystery about how it works - stretching and overlapping perhaps - but time spent in meditating. In each case you cite, the person took the time to let answers, or entirely unexpected revelations, come through. The little experience that I have with meditation showed me that meditating is a passive thing and in that passiveness, the self, and one's belief systems, are set aside long enough to see - well, something out of one's conscious control.

I think the obvious reaction is that in this state one will see that which is true in contrast to that which we want to be true. Hmm. But maybe one is only entering into someone else's "bubble or string" seeing someone else's truth.

Okay, a complete mobias loop - which of course, has no ending.

So, I think people are born with the ability to see how things work. This early precocity is seen in musicians and mathmeticians and people who can make a basket with a little ball everytime they throw it!! Certainly it is as if they can reach into thin air and pull out concepts or abilities that stun the world. When it comes to how the universe works, maybe "we've thought it all up". Was all this matter and causes and affects here or did we think them up? Are each of us the generators of the universe? We think, therefore there is matter...? Did we have the science in hand when Wells wrote about going to the moon? Or did we make up the science so we could?

Really, if you can believe that a microscopic (to our eyes) sperm can punched through a larger (but still microscopic) egg, and in a matter of hours set the biochemistry in place to make a human being in a few months hence - you can believe anything.

Even that Einstein and Socrates had help from the future, or an alternate universe, or a really smart yogi, sans the picnic basket, of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that great minds can move mountains - or pyramids - if they can have the time and peace to stare at a candle flame, out a window, watch the miracle of night turn into day - all alone and in peace. Us mothers, wives, workers and such grab what is left of our minds and strain some inner being of our writing out of it.
Wouldn't have it any other way, I guess.

Anonymous said...

First, I believe in God. Second, I believe that God is the master scientist, master mathematician, master artist.

I watched a fabulous series on Nova last fall, hosted by physicist Brian Greene, and Einstein's theories on time travel was just one slice of the focus. (Wish I'd had science teachers like Billy Nye and Brian Greene in high school!) Before the first episode was over, The Fabric of the Cosmos was on my Kindle. Very readable, very interesting, very awesome.

Cora said...

What a smart and thoughtful response. Thank you for taking the time Kris. I absolutely acknowledge that we do not come into this life with equal abilities. Some come in with gifts that can be polished even further. Perhaps taking the extra step to listen to the Universe, God or whatever you choose to call it, is the key to expanding those gifts to greater benefit mankind.

I used to lay on my back at night outside when I was about nine years old and ponder the universe and want to know the secrets that it held. I guess we start early in the direction that we will go.

Thanks for commenting, your response gives me more to think about.

Cora said...

Ah, there's the rub. Maybe Atlas carried the world on his shoulders, but it is women who hold it all together.

Cora said...

When I have free time (ha. ha.) I will check out the Fabric of the Cosmos. Thanks Sherry.

Unknown said...

I have it on my Kindle, also! Now, if I could just finish my novel and find the time to watch it!

(But, this blog has made me think I could slip in an episode or two!)

Tami Clayton said...

I love the idea that there are ways to access such kinds of information by opening our minds to receiving it. This is a post that I'm going to have to keep coming back to as I digest the information a little at a time. Fascinating stuff...